Community Support

I’m proud to have the support of community members who know me and have firsthand experience with my leadership.

“Ashland School District needs a steady, experienced hand at the helm to steer us back to normalcy. A twelve-year veteran of the Ashland School Board, Eva is by far the most experienced candidate running in this election.

— John Williams, former Ashland School Board Director

“I’ve known Eva for ten years as a hard-working parent-volunteer involved in her children’s learning, as a committed citizen-activist dedicated to quality education for every child in the Ashland public schools, and as a skilled and experienced school board member. Students and parents in Ashland deserve a steady hand at the wheel while we all navigate the new educational landscape created by the Coronavirus pandemic. We also need prudent leadership who knows how to deal with the looming unknowns of the state’s education budget and the future of our $106 million school bond. That is why I am voting for Eva Skuratowicz for Ashland School Board.”

— Paul R. Huard, Ashland High School

As past president of OSEA chapter #42 I worked very closely with Eva on many different levels:

  • Contract Maintenance/Negotiations
  • Hiring Committees
  • Re-working district policy and procedures

In all the time I worked with Eva I found her to be very responsive to differing views, willing to reach agreements or solutions to any issue, fair, and open minded. She is always looking out for the best interest of our children, staff, and the impacts on the Ashland School District.

I would strongly encourage a vote for Eva as it is a vote for continued success in the Ashland Schools.”

— Callie Mercer, former union president for Ashland’s OSEA Chapter #42

“Eva has been a tireless public servant for our community for over 12 years. Her only lens when making decisions is “what’s best for our kids.” She has steered our board in the right direction based on previous experience and understanding of the issue at hand. Losing Eva would leave a major hole in our school district.

— Eric Strong, former Ashland School Board Director

Eva is a champion for our public schools and has clearly displayed her passion and tireless commitment to our community. As our schools are struggling with declining enrollment, increasing equity and diversity issues, and budget deficits; more than ever, Eva’s experience is needed as an Ashland School Board Member. We need dedicated board members who will continue to advocate for all kids, increase engagement and academic success for all students. I know Eva will whole-heartedly address the challenging issues that lay before us.

— Meredith Page

“Eva demonstrates a capable and democratic leadership that is intentional, inclusive, and thoughtful. She is deliberative in her thinking and decision-making while gathering input and information from all relevant stakeholders.
Eva goes out of her way to make time for parents, students, staff, administrators, union leaders, board members, city officials, etc. to hear their concerns.”

— Victor Chang, Current Ashland School Board Director

Working with Eva through the school bond and school budget process, her vision for the future of our children was clear, resolute and concise. Our community is lucky to have someone like Eva leading us through these difficult times.

— Shaun Moran, Ashland City Councilor

Eva is an informed and tireless educator who has put Ashland’s students first for the last decade through the unique challenges of COVID 19, limited budget resources, keeping teacher talent and renewing our school facilities. I know of no one better to serve the Ashland community and our children’s education.”

— Carol Horn Davis, former Ashland School Board Director

“I strongly recommend re-electing Eva to the Ashland School Board. Her extensive knowledge of school board functions and goals will help the Board meet the challenges of the next few years. When a topic under discussion gets heated and emotions run high, Eva remains thoughtful, calm, and considerate. She listens well and is an excellent communicator. As a board member, she is a seasoned professional who brings valuable experience to the table. She is just what we need.”

— Holly Wanless Cochran, Ashland community member

Eva is far-and-away the most qualified candidate running for school board. Her depth of knowledge of our school district and her proven experience at all levels will be critical in the coming years. Ashland needs Eva.”

— Jim Westrick, current Ashland School Board Director

“Eva has very valuable insight about how the district works and has forged relationships over the years that are critical to support and lead our school district, especially during difficult times. With her experience and institutional knowledge, Eva can effectively advocate for the most important part of our district – our students.

— Tomas Monter-Rangel, current Ashland School Board Director

I’m proud to have the endorsements of trusted Ashland leaders.

Current and Former Ashland School Board Members

Victor Chang
Carol Davis
Heidi Parker 
Sabrina Prud’homme
Tomas Ranger-Montel
Eric Strong
Jim Westrick
John Williams
Deneice Zeve

Former Ashland Superintendents

Suzanne Cusick
Juli Di Chiro

Other Community Members

Callie Mercer, Former President, Oregon School Employees Association
Shaun Moran, Ashland City Councilor
Martha Cavazos
Sheryl Cochran
Lauren Hall
Tara Elder-Hammond
Paul R. Huard
Eping Hung
Meredith Page
Reneé Riley-Adams
Gloria Schwartz
Dale Shostrom
Stefani Seffinger, Ashland City Councilor
Holly Wanless Cochran
Ona Williams

I am running for Ashland School Board because this is a critical time for Ashland schools. Throughout my time on the school board, I’ve been committed to serving all students and speaking with an independent voice to do what’s best for our kids, staff, and the entire community.

I believe my experience and depth of knowledge of the Ashland School District can meet the challenges of the current pandemic, our $110M schools bond, and ever-shrinking state funding.

Eva Skuratowicz