Still Not Sure Who To Vote For?

Watch the Candidates Forum!

On May 6, Mountain Meadows hosted a forum for all six Ashland school board candidates. Each candidate answered questions about why they’re running, what they’ve done to prepare to serve on the board, the pandemic, the school district budget, and more.

Watch the entire forum, or fast forward to a particular question or area that interests you. Don’t forget that ballots need to be dropped off before 8 PM on Tuesday, May 18! (It’s too late to mail them now.)

The Questions:

  • Candidate introductions. 1:56
  • What is the greatest challenge in the coming year and how would you propose to manage it? 10:44
  • What have you done to learn about the district, the board, and many issues facing our schools? (everyone except Eva and Natalie) 28:43
  • What have you done to learn about the district, the board, and many issues facing our schools? (Natalie) 36:00
  • What are the main responsibilities a school board member has to the public? (Eva only) 32:57

    The following questions were not released to the candidates before the forum. The candidates are hearing them for the first time at the forum.

  • On April 22nd, the school board released a draft budget for the coming school year. What are your opinions on the budget? 37:35
  • In early 2021, the Ashland School Board directed the superintendent to return students to school “As soon as possible, and as safely as possible.” What are your thoughts regarding this resolution? 45:25
  • How will you propose that the board support students and teachers coming back to school after a year of online schooling? (Eva and Misha only) 1:00:17
  • The Ashland school board directors are volunteers, and the position requires many evenings of meetings, committees, and preparation. All of our candidates are working parents. How can you assure the voters that you will be able to handle all this extra responsibility and work? (Rebecca and Sarah) 1:06:05
  • Ashland has an enviable reputation for producing a high quality education. How will you help to maintain this high quality? (Jill and Natalie) 1:10:22